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Our Company

The beginning was made with Angel Events, the first brand name of the company, which in its development created the Gabrieli Media Group.

The many years of collaborations with companies that are active in the organization of events and the dynamic presence of Angel Events with innovative high-level entertainment events, contributed to its quality recognition.

Technology and the rapid development of the internet has set another goal for our company.

Having years of experience in organizing and creating general events and the opportunity to develop its activities for the future, Angel Events created the Gabrieli Media Group.

In the privately owned studio of professional broadcasters, and audiovisual equipment and software, our partners Web Developers, Content Creators, and Social Media Managers, can serve their customers in multiple ways, through the services of Gabrieli Media Group, and make proposals for new collaborations.

Our Media

Shoot Radio

Sports Radio
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SKG Radio

24/7 Greek & Foreign Music
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Radio Bambini

Children Radio
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Cool Radio

24/7 Luxury Music
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Έλληνας Πολίτης

Daily news about Greece
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Events & Activities Organization

Our company GABRIELI MEDIA GROUP (GMG) also owns the brand name of Angel Events. Angel Events is responsible for organizing events, weddings, concerts, theatrical performances, sporting events (tournaments) and other related activities.

Services provided by Angel Events include professional lighting, sound equipment, audiovisual coverage, wedding plan, live streamings, staff organization and event arrangements.

Integrated IT & Marketing Solutons

At GABRIELI MEDIA GROUP (GMG) we know very well the world of the internet and its applications. We have a variety of services that we can offer you.

We have the ability to build any online application you need. We can take over

  • the development and support of online applications and startup products
  • Web Development & Design
  • E-Shop Development
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Registration
  • the Implementation of Custom Applications
  • Website Support
  • Website Promotion
  • Google Ads Campaign Management
  • Google Analytics
  • and Email Marketing

Seminars & Exhibitions Organization

GABRIELI MEDIA GROUP (GMG) has the know-how and the necessary equipment for the proper organization of seminars - conferences.

We provide audiovisual systems, microphone installations, translation systems and conference panels.

The cooperation of GABRIELI MEDIA GROUP (GMG) with respective exhibition organizations and its experience together with its consulting skills in the organization of local and industry exhibitions, allows us to be effective in the services we offer.

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Gabrieli Media Group

Γαμβέτα 178, Θεσσαλονίκη, 54248
Tel: 2313 110 900
Κιν: 6978 978 838
Email: info@gabrieli.gr

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